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Thank you!! I definitely want to keep this going - I'm thinking of separating it into chapters to be played one at a time.


Wow. There's some really good, dark storytelling here, as well as some very meaningful social commentary. I love stories with a hefty dose of each.

Excellent job!

Thanks for your comment, much appreciated!!


I enjoyed going through it. I tried a few times to explore the branching paths.

The first time through I just sort of rolled with it, without suspicion. It was bland and a bit plain. The fun comes in when trying to resist going to Home™, and you start to see how sinister it is.

I'm so glad you enjoyed and explored a few different paths!! Thanks for playing :D


Wow, great job for your first twine game/draft. I hope to see a continuation of this story in the future. It's a bit scary already but the story is compelling.

Thank you!! I definitely want to add more to the story. Thanks so much for playing :D


Nicely done, it got me invested into the story even though it's short and unfinished. Can't wait to read the rest when it get released.


I really want to know what happens next! Great job so far, can't wait to see this continued. I admit, I was hoping for a branching story but that's going to be hard in a short time.